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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ we are back with more of "today" on a monday morning. it is the 14th day of february, 2011. that makes it valentine's day and that makes last night grammy night and there were wild performances like gwyneth parow joining the muppets and cee-lo green on stage to sing "forget you" as it is now called and there were surprises including album of the year, record of the year, best rap song. we're going to recap the event, some of the outfits and big
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winners in a little while including those big winners right there. that's lady antebellum with two awards and lady gaga making an unusual entrance. mick jagger on stage at the grammys for the first time. out on the plaza, matt lauer along with mr. roker and ms. morales. what's coming up? >> we have great deals -- >> anybody. >> anyone? >> i was so enthralled with what you were saying. it's a family affair for will and kate. the royal palace announcing the best man and maid of honor and new details about the wedding party for the upcoming fairytale event in april. we'll have the latest from london and then in "today's" real estate, creative ways to make your home stand out from the rest and what to do if your neighbor is not only bringing you down, but bringing down the value of your property. barbara corcoran will be here to help out. >> with a very tall fence probably. plus, it's valentine's day. what better time to look at
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great getaways from a coastal retreat to a colorado city resort. you can book today and surprise your sweetheart this evening. >> we're on a plane. >> pack your bags. >> let's go inside to the news desk. ann has the headlines. >> good morning, everybody. in the news tahrir square is largely empty today. protesters are cleared as the military tries to return the city to normal. they have dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution aiming to cut ties with president mubarak's legacy. today, egypt's ambassador to the united states said he has no official comment on report that is mubarak is in failing health. meantime the israeli cabinet met this weekend and reacted with relief that the egyptian military said it will adhere to the peace treaty with the jewish state. president obama submit as budget plan to congress where he faces a budget plan saying the
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cuts proposed aren't enough. some come from lower taxes and limits on tax deductions for the wealthy. >> reporte gabrielle giffords is showing major improvement, beating a nurse at tic-tac-toe and singing along to songs. royal watchers are abuzz on valentine's day. peter alexander joins us with more. what's up? >> reporter: ann, good morning. love is in the air across the pond. prince william and kate middleton announcing the wedding party. william has asked prince harry to be best man. kate's maid of honor is her younger sister pippa. her primary responsibility is making sure kate's dress is displayed properly. diana's train was 25 feet long.
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her other challenge is making sure the bridesmaids behaves herself. the oldest bridesmaid is just 8. and there are 3-year-olds in the mix. think of it as babysitting with a few billion people watching. could be a heck of a day for her. >> no kidding. thanks, peter. also in the news the winter olympics for death athletes were abruptly cancelled as teens began arriving for the games. the organizers said a lack of funding was to blame for the first cancellation since 600 athletes were set to participate starting this week. many teens say they have lost tens of thousands in training and travel expenses and now have to find a way home early. movie-goers brought adam sandler's romantic comedy to the top spot with $31 million. "never say never" came in second and "gnomeo & juliet" in second.
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now back out to matt. >> let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> thank you. we have all these nice folks here. you love your husband? >> i do. >> where is he? >> uptown, asleep, taking care of the baby. >> happy valentine's day! >> happy valentine's day, baby. >> let's check your weather, see what's going on. showers working their way. heavier thunderstorms in northern california into the pacific northwest. a clipper across the great lakes. going to bring snow. as you take a look, valentine's day. heart lake is 39 degrees. loving, 67. romance, arkansas. 68 and love ladies new york, 54 degrees. >> it is going to be windy and mild today. winds will gust over 30 miles
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per hour. a 20% cha and that's your latest weather, natalie. >> the grammy awards are always full of surprises. this year didn't disappoint from great performances with gaga. meredith takes a look at the greatest moments. ♪ >> reporter: music's biggest night brought out its biggest stars. but the biggest buzz on the red carpet surrounded lady gaga who arrived inside -- well, a giant egg. the 53rd annual grammy awards got under way with a tribute to the recovering queen of soul, aretha franklin.
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♪ >> i wish that i could have been with you all tonight. but since i couldn't, next year, okay? >> reporter: it was a night of rare performances from music royalty like bob dylan and barbra streisand. ♪ >> reporter: to rolling stone's front man mick jagger gracing the grammy stage for the first time in his career. ♪ >> reporter: teen idol justin bieber joined his mentor usher on stage. ♪ >> reporter: and pop princess katy perry performed her runaway hit. ♪ >> reporter: perhaps the most colorful performance of the night, cee-lo green joined by
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the jim henson company puppets and by gwyneth paltrow performing a pg version of the foul-mouthed hit. ♪ >> and the grammy goes to lady antebellum. >> reporter: but the night belongs to lady antebellum. the country trio led the way with three grammys including song of the year. ♪ it's a quarter after one ♪ i'm all alone and i need you now ♪ >> reporter: indy rock band arcade fire in a surprise twist won the biggest award of the night, album of the year. lady gaga eventually came out of her shell performing per newest sing single. ♪ baby i was born this way
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>> reporter: she took home three grammys including best pop vocal album. >> that was meredith reporting. courtney, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk big winners. you saw lady antebell um beating jay-z, bruno mars. >> i think a lot of people were surprised. >> they were the most downloaded album. >> you never know if popularity translates into awards. the number one box office movie rarely takes it home at awards time. same thick in the music industry. you expected a few awards but not the big wrap-up they got. >> turned out to be a lot of surprises. justin bieber lost best new artist of the year to esperanza spaulding. >> i think a lot of people were
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googling last night. >> an incredible musician, singer. amazing. >> incredible. >> what happened to bieber? >> justin bieber has an enormous fan base, but sometimes they go to the people who may be more technically above board. justin bieber, the greatest performer we have right now arguably, but maybe not the chops that the grammy voters wanted to see now. >> i guess it was truly honoring perhaps those who -- the award is for best new artist. he's been around two years. >> that's what's funny about the grammys. we had the situation last year with the zack brown band. people saying, they have been around a couple of years. it does honor somebody who seems new right now. >> an up and comer. >> lots of people saying this is a head scratcher. >> let's get to the performances. lady gaga making her red carpet appearance in the egg shell.
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didn't her egg shell stunt outdo her performance? >> if i arrived to work in an egg i'm not sure what i can do during the day to follow up with that arrival. lots of people were waiting for the song. the album isn't out until may so there was tons of hype. lots of people criticizing her for having a song that sounds like madonna's "express yourself." that's little surprise. lady gaga at every point of the way has been taking a page from the madonna playbook, how to be a fan favorite, stay popular, give your audit wrens ence -- >> how to make an entrance. >> when your entrances are so outra outrageous people stop asking about you. people great with fame now know how to deflect and distract. >> most colorful performance, cee-lo green and gwyneth paltrow with the muppets. >> how much do i love that?
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we all know we're here to entertain and people enjoy seeing gwyneth paltrow cross the line from actress to singer. >> we don't have time to get to the fashion, but it was great to see barbra streisand performing, bob dylan, mick jagger for the first time. >> he's still got it. >> who knew it was his first time. so surprising. >> he should come back. >> courtney, thank you so much. as always. up next, your real estate questions answered. whether you are searching for a new property or want to move to a new town we have important advice for you. later on, janet jackson opens up about her struggles with weight and her close relationship with her brother michael. that's after these messages. uncer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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nicoderm cq. ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah [ baby crying, dog barking ] [ female announcer ] introducing oscar mayer carving board turkey. you can't always have the perfect thanksgiving everyday, but you can have the perfect thanksgiving sandwich. carving board turkey -- only from oscar mayer. ♪ let's give thanks. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ this morning we are answering your tough questions about jumping into the housing market whether buying or selling. today barbara corcoran has advice. happy valentine's day. >> to you, too. >> good to see you.
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lots of people with questions. we're going to cece in orange county up early to join us via skype. good morning. happy valentine's day. >> good morning. happy valentine's day. >> what's your question for barb? >> yes. we have a five-bedroom, four-bath california mediterranean home. we're wondering if to make our listing more appealing we should add the timeshare to it in maui? >> oh, that's interesting. let me tell you, adding a timeshare is a great gimmick for you to add to the listing. it's not going to get the house sold but it will grab attention and that's half the battle. you can also advertise both on and off line taking advantage of that by saying something like "two for the price of one" or vacation on us in maui, something to bring attention. wow, that's maui? oh, that's your backyard. looks like maui. there's the maui place. nice timeshare.
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the other reason it's a great idea is because timeshares are selling for maybe 20 cents on the dollar. it's not as though you are really giving away as much as it appears you are. it's a great idea. >> way to go. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's day. now to marcia from bartlett, new hampshire, on the phone. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. thank you for taking my call. >> you're welcome. your question for barbara? >> caller: the house abutting ours has been vacant for over three years and the owner lives out of state. the garage has collapsed and there are 12 junked vehicles on the property. we wonder how this will affect the value of our home when we get ready to sell. the rest of the neighborhood is fine. >> is there something she can get the town to do? >> there is a lot you can do here. number one, i'm sure the neighbors are as upset about this dump as you are. i would get a gun and kill the guy. >> barbara's joking! she's joking. [ laughter ]
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>> ha, ha, ha. valentine's day. april fool's, same thing. >> i'm not -- with that -- >> back to marcia's problem. >> well, marcia, i'm now serious. get your neighbors to join hands with you. you should go down to the county clerk's office and find out if legally that guy has any right -- i understand from an e-mail you sent me that he's had a lot of automobiles parked onr. >> caller: 12. >> vehicles aren't allowed in a residential area. it is a claim. the question is how to get it cleaned up? ask for a meeting with the town board in writing by certified mail. copy the slob next door and meet with them. if you don't get any solution to the problem, the best thing you can do, and you may want to do it early is hire an attorney. something about a legal letter
9:19 am
from an attorney a town stands attention for because they want to cover their butt. do everything in writing. make your claim. you are entitled to not have the home sale affected by that. your home will be worth what the neighbor can sell his dump for. you are only worth the worst house on the block. >> that's true. >> long-winded answer but i was interrupted by also much. >> when i have someone tell somebody to kill someone. >> okay, okay. >> marie in new york. i'm looking to retire in florida. i'm looking at a four-bedroom home in orlando. where can i find one for $400,0 $400,000? >> the average price is only $149,000. shopping for a home around $400,000, you will have the pick of the litter. go to lake nona for example, a high priced area and for about $350,000 you can get a whopper of a house on a canal, a lake
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with your own swimming pool. there's a front shot of a $349,000 house. on the back end, lots of waterways. i want to give you more advice. go to orlando. it's only 97 square miles big. spend three weekends shopping and promising yourself you won't buy until you have checked out everything in the state. if you go there, three weekends in a row, you will really know what you want to buy and where you will be most happy living. that's the best advice i can give you. >> and nobody gets threatened. >> no, no. >> happy valentine's day. coming up, surprise your sweetie. we have fantastic getaways to rekindle romance. first, these messages. if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested.
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>> the queen, prince charles and camilla. >> why should mom win? >> because you're not a princess. >> i'm not a princess? listen, your mother is a princess. >> so those are some of the submissions we have received so far for the last week or so we have been telling you about plans to give one viewer and a guest the royal treatment in london during the week of william and kate's wedding. >> we still want to hear from more of you and creativity counts here. get out the cameras and create a video that's no more than two minutes detailing why london is calling and why you deserve to be there for everything. >> still to come, two new members of the joy fit club. this is a couple who began last valentine's day. together they lost -- get this -- a combined 280 pounds. that's amazing. talk about a gift that keeps
9:25 am
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. we are off to a quiet start. it will be a mild day today. mid-to-upper-50's this afternoon. slight chance for a rain shower. winds will be gusting over 30 miles per hour. but nice warmup at the end of the week.
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plus the fastest internet in the u.s. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month -- plus a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. don't wait. this incredible offer ends soon. call 1.866.680.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. >> we have been talking a lot about the grammy awards today and this is a woman who knows something about them. janet jackson has 12 grammys. now getting ready to open up about challenges of her life from the loss of her brother michael to issues with self-esteem. we'll hear more from her in her very revealing interview she did with meredith in a little bit. >> okay. then we'll move on and talk about valentine's day.
9:31 am
today's the day. if you haven't found something to give your sweetie, how about tickets to some place great to get away? >> you should go, too. >> maybe. or send him all by himself. >> see you later. don't come back. >> we have great bargain prices from chile to colorado. we'll show you some this morning. >> there is nothing more romantic than a delicious home-cooked ma eed meal. giada has a meal of beef tenderloin and pasta. she's topping it off with not one but two desserts. that's the beef tender loin. >> amazing. >> put some whipped cream on that. >> let's check on the weather first. >> okay. let's show you what's happening as far as the week ahead. rain on the west coast and new england and everywhere in between above normal temperatures. chilly in florida. by midweek the eastern two thirds looking warm.
9:32 am
below normal temperatures out west n. the latter part of the week the cooler, wet weather continues out west. showers through the upper mississippi and ohio river valley. above normal temperatures down into the southeast. >> it is going to be a windy and mild valentine's day. slight chance for rain shower. and that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. up next, a candid interview with janet jackson and how her relationship with her father and brother shaped her life right after this. - to best serve your customers, you have to know them. personally.
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janet jackson has had a stellar career in the spotlight but behind the scenes she's had her share of struggles. meredith sat down to talk about her new memoir "true you" which comes out tomorrow. they touched on personal subjects including why janet spent years miserable about her appearance. >> in your 20s your album "rhythm nation" topped the charts. you wrote in the book you were so self-critical that, quote, i hated what i saw in the mirror. i would bang my head against the wall because i felt so ugly. you really did that? >> i would literally bang my head against the wall and cry. i didn't feel attractive. there was so much going on in my life. i felt very unattractiveme.
9:37 am
>> where did that come from? >> it stems from my childhood. >> reporter: as early as age 6 janet remembers comparing herself to her older sister. >> i would look at her picture and say, god, she's so beautiful. if i could only look like that when i get older. >> reporter: when it came to her first television acting role it was not always "good times" backstage for janet. >> i developed at a very young age. i started getting breasts when i was 10. to make me look more flat-chested they would bind my chest. that says immediately, okay, the way you are, you're not good enough. that affected me at 10 years old. >> they also said you were fat. that you needed to lose weight. >> they want med to go on a diet, i and i did. i never felt right. >> some of the teasing came from your brothers. michael in particular would tease you about your butt. >> yes. he never meant for it to be
9:38 am
cruel. he didn't realize the effect on me. i got called a lot of names. >> what kinds of names? >> oh, horse, pig, cow, slaughterhog. >> this is by your brothers? >> yeah. it makes you laugh. >> yeah. >> i guess some people could say, that's what brothers and sisters do -- joking. but not everybody can brush it off. i was the kind of kid that kept everything inside. i never spoke out. >> you wrote an essential part of the story is rooted in my inability to confront joseph. talk to me about that. >> what do you want to know, meredith? >> i want to know what you meant by that. >> my father was never there the way i really wanted a father to be. i would see my friends interact with their dad and i would say to myself, that's what i want to do. i want to be able to sit on his
9:39 am
lap. i want to be able to call him dad. >> you call him joseph? >> yeah. he said, that's my name to you. you call me joseph. you don't calle me dad. i tried once. >> to call him dad? ? what happened. >> that's exactly what happened. he said i'm joseph to you. you do not call me dad. see, you're going to start me going here. that affects you as a kid. >> i'm sure it does. >> it still affects me, as you can see. but it really does affect you. i know my father loves me. he just has a very, very different way of showing it. >> you have dedicated your book to mike. >> we were very close. we'd talk in the car and just have conversations and he said he knows some day the world is going to come to an end.
9:40 am
i said, why do we work so hard. he said, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen tomorrow. it may, but you have to continue on with life. you have to prepare for the future. a lot of those things he taught me. >> one last thing before i let you go. your hair. everybody's commenting that you cut it off to make some big statement. >> to make -- what was my statement i was trying to make? >> being liberated. >> it was very liberating. but, see, this is not the first time i have cut my hair. >> don't get frustrated with me. >> no, no. meredith! this isn't the first time i have cut my hair short. i really cut my hair for "colored girls." i cut it for the film. i thought the character should have short hair. i got rid of all the excess luggage i was carrying. >> that was meredith with janet jackson. her new book "true you" comes out tomorrow. on wednesday, chef andre will be here to whip up recipes from the
9:41 am
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♪ this morning on "today's travel," romantic getaways. if you want to surprise your valentine with tickets or a trip it's not too late. hotels have great february deals. we have the features director at travel & leisure magazine. always great to see you. >> great to see you, ann. >> you're saying the right word -- deals. how good are they? >> great deals. the main thing you have to worry about booking travel is trying to avoid the day of the holiday. by booking today and going later you will get a better deal. >> first deal, new york.
9:45 am
aurora, new york. >> upstate new york on the shores of cayuga lake. there is a property called e.b. morgan house. it's a beautiful mansion that's been restored immaculately. there are four-poster beds, frete linens. there is no wake-up call or alarm clock. someone comes to the door, brings in coffee, muffins and juice and that's how you start the day. >> there is another room. they are not expensive. >> $179 a night. there is a cozy library to play board games, lots of outside activities. if you're having a romantic weekend it's nice to stay in. >> glen oaks in big sur, california. this is a beautiful place. you will get lost in the scenery. >> if you're a nature lover there is no better place than big sur. this hotel is in the middle of gorgeous hills with redwoods on
9:46 am
the shores of the big sur river. i are a short hike away from one of the best local beaches. it's known for purple sand. on the property they have showers for two. i'm sure that's for conserving water. but there are other things you can do -- >> amazing. the mind reels. >> let's not even talk about out. le the key is affordable and eco. that's a great thing for nature legislat lovers. >> it has a sustainable reputation. now to new mexico to la posa posava de santa fe. >> this property is great in the middle of it off. if you are interested in the gallery scene, great food or just walking around it's accessible for that reason. the cristo mountains are there, too. so you can go skiing. they have a great valentine's day special running through april. it was on travel &
9:47 am
you get a couples massage, $40 off the daily breakfast and champagne and strawberries. valentine's day doesn't just have to be february 14th. >> let's go to colorado and the viceroy snow mass. this is for skiing? >> people love to ski. getting a great deal during ski season is tough. this is only $185 a night. your room has a sun deck, a fireplace. it has pillowtop bed and a down duvet. and ski in, ski out. you're right on the slopes, a couple minutes from aspen, a great little town. i'm a big fan of aspen in the summer and winter time. >> finally to the ritz carlton, why not, in santiago, chile. >> we are always talking ant buenos aires, but santiago is great because it give use access to the desert, the patagonian ice fields and the ritz carlton
9:48 am
gives you access to an incredible amount of luxury in the heart of the city. their wine collection in the restaurant is 365 different chilean wines. if you want a wine education this is a great way to do it. >> if you buy the tickets, are these tickets for just in the next, say, months in terms of getting a deal? >> depends on which deal it is, it's all the way through spring. i think you can be flexible. as you get into spring break, holidays, the prices go up a little bit. this is a great window before spring break to get traveling. >> thank you so much for the good ideas. up next, now that you have planned the romantic getaway, how about a romantic meal. who better to give us one than giada? she has a delicious easy pasta if you're staying in tonight. first this is "today" on nbc.
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9:51 am
this morning we are whipping up a romantic valentine's meal for that special somebody in your life. chef giada has a memorable menu that can be prepared in no time at all. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, al. >> we have almonds. >> they are aphrodisiac and the smell of almonds is supposed to evoke passion in women and the smell of steak in men. i think i have it all in these dishes. >> it's covered. >> i have it covered. >> what are we making? >> i have two filets. salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs d'provence. six minutes on each side. 10 to 12 minutes for medium rare. while that's cooking, i have a can of tomatoes. >> okay. >> i have garlic in here. little bit. lemon zest. go for it, al. lemon juice and basil.
9:52 am
throw it all in there. this is a really fast pasta dish. >> simple. >> it's beautiful but you can make at the last minute if you just realized you can't go out or. >> you forgot to make reservations. >> oh, my goodness, it's valentine's day. >> puree it together. it looks like this. if you want to check the pasta. we are cooking spaghetti. i like the long pasta and i think it's sexier, too, for valentine's day. straight in on top of the sauce. is that it? there's a lot more in there. we didn't taste it, but i will do it now. >> it looks like it. aren't you supposed to throw it up against the wall? >> we can try it. throw it against the camera. it didn't stick. >> there it did. >> okay, okay. al! you are -- wait.
9:53 am
al! here, smoked almonds, go. >> okay. in there? >> yes. add some smoked almonds for a nice smoky flavor. you're going to grate some cheese. you're a good sous chef. there you go. then mix it all together. there you go. see, it smells good. >> it does. that's great. >> i know. see? then i top it with a little bit of steak. >> mm. >> so, here. i will give you a little bit. go with the cheese. there we go. >> nice. >> we'll get you some sauce. there we go. then you take the filet. al wants to make sure the steak is done properly. >> right. >> take some filet and slice it right on top just like this. >> very nice. >> remember when you grill a steak to let it sit for eight to ten minutes before you slice it. >> and we have two desserts. >> come on over. >> okay. >> ooh, there we go.
9:54 am
>> uh-oh. >> i'm boiling my cream over here. i have a chocolate honey almond tart. i have heavy cream right there. whisk it together. you add heavy cream that's simmering over the chocolate chips and melt it to create a ganache. i make a chocolate graham cracker crust. crackers, butter and almonds. use regular if you want and add cocoa powder. let it sit in the fridge for five hours and you're done. >> that's it? >> yum! chocolate. >> that's the other aphrodisiac. >> one more dessert? >> what is this, brittle? >> it goes on top. sugar, water and almond and truffles. these are tarragon merlot truffles. >> wow. >> nice. >> it's valentine's day so you have to have lots of desserts. >> really good. >> i hear a buzzing over here.
9:55 am
job what's going on. everything is boiling and cooking. and grilling. >> there is spa at the tiget ti >> happy valentine's day! >> all right. still ahead -- >> much more coming up including a couple that lost a combined 280 pounds after your local news and weather.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. it is going to be a mild but valentine's day but mid-to-
9:58 am
upper-50's this afternoon. a front is going through and that will create wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. a slight chance of a brief rain shower or sprinkled with cooler tomorrow. tomorrow. rest of the week is going
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